Policy Regarding Unregistered Students

1.1 Unregistered students will no longer be covered under the NLATU Insurance Policy and will become the sole responsibility of the school owners.

1.2 Some schools have registered and unregistered students, these students that are registered will still be covered under the NLATU insurance.

1.3 If a school is found to have unregistered students, the school will be subject to Sanctions from The NLATU which will include all funding will be revoked And you will be unable to use any NLATU equipment for the remainder of the taekwondo year.

1.4 The above policy will be enforced until such a time that it is proven that a sanctioned school no longer has unregistered students.

1.5 All students belonging to a school that has sanctions against them will be banned from attending any NLATU functions whether it be a tournament, training , Or cross training with other Schools.

1.6 If a school breaks this policy twice within the same taekwondo year the sanctions will be re-enforced and there will be no provision to get it back until the next year.

1.7 Making sure all students are registered will be the sole responsibility of the School Owners and Head Instructors.

1.8 All new students are granted a 2 week grace period to register to become full members of the NLATU. This is also a time for Owners to use as a Trial period if they wish. AS A REQUIREMENT ALL STUDENTS FROM DAY 1 MUST FILL OUT REGISTRATION PAPERS TO BE HELD BY THE INSTRUCTOR IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS.

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