Policy Regarding Membership


The Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Taekwondo Union Inc. (NLATU) is committed to promoting the sport and martial art of taekwondo in a positive and inclusive manner. The Membership Policy is one of the building blocks of this effort.


Participation in the activities of NLATU offers numerous benefits and privileges, as well as responsibilities and obligations. This policy defines the various categories of membership as well as their respective criteria and responsibilities, and other related membership aspects.


This policy applies to all categories of NLATU Members.

Membership Definition

As defined in the NLATU bylaws, membership of NLATU shall consist of: Individuals who train in the Martial Art and Sport of Taekwondo and who are enrolled in Officially Voting Member Dojangs and in good standing with NLATU. Master Members: Individuals holding the rank 5th Dan and above and certified by Kukkiwon. Master Members are exempt from annual membership fees. Master Members must provide a copy of their Kukkiwon certification in order to receive Master Status. Black Belt Members: Individuals holding the rank of 1st-4th Dan or Poom and certified by Kukkiwon Coloured Belts: Individuals who have not attained the rank of black belt Lifetime Member: members within the NLATU community who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the Martial Art and Sport of Taekwondo. Lifetime members are recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Lifetime members are exempt from any membership fees. Honorary Members: Individuals or groups outside of the NLATU community, who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to the Martial Art and Sport of Taekwondo.

  • Honorary members are recommended and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Honorary members have no voting privileges.
  • Honorary members are not subject to any registration or fees.

Membership Registration

All individual members, as defined above, must complete and submit the NLATU Membership form and where applicable, submit the appropriate fee. This is necessary for:

  • Accurate membership statistics and demographics
  • Insurance coverage
  • Access to NLATU tournaments, seminars, funding etc.
  • Voting rights

Registration forms and appropriate fees are to be completes immediately upon ennoblement in a NLATU Voting Member Dojang. Failure to submit the Registration and applicable fees will result in:

  • No insurance coverage
  • No access to NLATU events
  • Ineligibility to be selected as a voting delegate
  • Ineligibility for election to Board of Directors.
  • No voting privileges
  • Refused participation

Membership Database

NLATU will maintain a database of all individual members, This database will be used to determine eligibility for all NLATU sanctioned tournaments, seminars, training sessions, funding, etc., for which membership is required. The NLATU Secretary will be responsible for ensuring the database is updated in a timely manner, either personally or by delegation.

Transfer of Membership

  • There is no transfer of memberships between individuals.
  • An individual may hold membership in one (1) VMD only. If a member changes VMD, notice must be submitted to the BOD. Failure to notify the Board of Directors will result cause the member to be included in his / her original VMD’s membership list.

Termination and Suspension of Membership

Every member of the NLATU is bound by the NLATU Code of conduct and Discipline Policy. Failure to comply with such policies may result in suspension or termination of membership. It is the responsibility of each member to educate themselves on these policies

Kukkiwon Certification

  • NLATU only recognizes Dan/Poom certification issued by the World Taekwondo Headquarters, Kukkiwon.
  • Dan and Poom levels listed on the NLATU membership database for NATU based on the members’ current certification.
  • To account for processing time, members promoted by a fully accredited examiner, 4th Dan or higher, may present themselves as being of that level for a period of six (6) months prior to actual certification. After this period, presenting themselves as higher rank will be subject to discipline by the NLATU.
  • The testing Master involved in the promotion will also be held accountable during the discipline process and the NLATU Discipline Committee will determine if the Examiner have acted with reasonable expedience to ratify the results of the testing.

Membership Issues, Concerns and Complaints

The NLATU Board of Directors welcomes all feedback from its members. Any member wishing to voice a concern must:

  1. Place the concern in writing and send it to the NLATU Board of Directors.
  2. Provide detailed information regarding the concern and where applicable, reference NLATU policies and procedures.
  3. Address the concern in a courteous and respectful manner.
  4. Agree to any terms and conditions of the Board of Directors while the matter is being resolved.

The NLATU Board of Directors will:

  1. Provide a response to the complaint within seven (7) days.
  2. Provide solutions or offer suggestions as to how the matter may be resolved.
  3. Depending on the seriousness or nature of the complaint, refer to the NLATU Discipline Committee.
  4. Maintain respect and confidentiality.

Membership Inquiries

All membership inquiries may be directed to NLATU Secretary. Board Approved 2012

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