NLATU Hi-Performance Program Team NL Athletes for National Competition

The Newfoundland & Labrador Amateur Taekwondo Union reserves the right to make amendments to criteria selection for Team NL.  A 30-day notice will be given of any changes.

  • Team Members should have 2 pairs of socks (KPNP & Daedo)
  • Team Members must attend at least 3 hi-performance training camps/seminars per year
  • Team Members must attend 1 hi-performance head contact tournament out of Province
  • Team Members must attend 2 local tournaments with NL Open/Provincials being 1
  • Possible team list to be submitted to NLATU 90 days prior to National Competition
  • Team Members must be a black belt 90 days prior to competition
  • School & athlete must be registered with NLATU
  • Exceptions will be made for weather and sickness. Doctor note required for sickness
  • Training camps/seminars will be held across the Province if needed
  • Concussion protocol – 30 days prior to competition (doctor note required)
  • Fundraising will be mandatory with all athletes to participate
  • There will be a physical component determined by coaches and NLATU
NLATU Hi Performance Program PDF