NLATU Fundraising rules for Taekwondo School Parent Committees

The Newfoundland & Labrador Amateur Taekwondo Union reserves the right to make amendments to the fundraising criteria.  A 30-day notice will be given of any changes.

  • The parent committees are only allowed to fundraise for out of Province travel and not equipment or fees.
  • The maximum term for use of money is 14 months. September 1 – October 31
  • Sickness with note one time use only.
  • Coaches cannot be paid directly from funding; coaches must be paid by athletes directly.
  • Money cannot be held over year to year. (Referees are different) All money to be used by end of term each year (October 31)
  • On island travel fund, be used if travelling outside your geographic area. Refer to Government of NL travel guide for areas broken down.
  • All taekwondo school parent committees must submit current bylaws to NLATU
  • Coaches and paid instructors cannot be present at meetings unless asked by the committee if a question arises regarding a tournament.
  • Selling of tickets or other must get approval from NLATU to avoid breaking fundraising laws, ex. Block draws.
  • Ticket sales require a lottery license and possibly insurance coverage. Contact the NLATU for more information.
  • No double dipping allowed. Example, coaches staying in athletes’ room and transportation.
  • NLATU have allowed fundraising by referees to help offset the cost for them to travel outside of Province for certification/tournaments. If a taekwondo school chooses, they can allow a referee to fundraise with their fundraising committee as long as bylaws are followed.
  • National Referee’s can fundraise under the NLATU banner as long as our fundraising criteria are followed. Monies need to be held in a separate bank account and to be used for travel expenses only. Every September a statement must be sent detailed on how much was fundraised and how it was spent. For example, auction raised $500 and a tournament in Quebec cost $900. No receipts necessary just how money was raised and spent.
Download NLATU Fundraising rules PDF