Lottery License Policy


The Newfoundland and Labrador Taekwondo Union Inc. (NLATU) acknowledges the significant financial costs associated with the sport of Taekwondo and therefore supports all Voting Member Dojangs in their efforts to raise the necessary funds to assist in the development of athletes, coaches and officials. As a result, the Association agrees to facilitate the approval of provincial lottery licences.

To obtain NLATU Approval:

  1. All applications must be submitted to the Board of Directors, by an affiliated Dojang’s head instructor;
  2. The applicant must provide an outline of purpose and associated activities;
  3. Funds generated must be utilized specific to proposed activities;
  4. Funds may only be used for members of the NLATU in good standing for travel, seminars, competitions or other related activities;
  5. The applicant must follow all guidelines as outlined by the Dept. of Government Services, Trades Practices Division pertaining to the application of Lottery Licenses;
  6. If requested, the applicant must provide the Board of Directors a full disclosure of all funds raised, accounting and control framework and fund expenditures;
  7. The applicant hereby agrees to indemnify, release, and forever discharge the Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Taekwondo Union Inc. against all liability, and responsibility, and from all claims sustained while engaging in the fundraising activities;
  8. Failure to comply with NLATUguidelines as well as any and all Government of Newfoundland and Labrador statutes and laws may result in legal action, sanctioning and / or expulsion from the NLATU.
  9. When all information is received, the President or assigned designate, will sign and forward the approved application to the appropriate provincial government department, within three (3) working days.

I, ______________________, have read, understand and hereby agree to the terms and conditions above as pertaining to the acquisition of a Lottery Licence through the NLATU.


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