Expense Reimbursement Policy

The Expense Reimbursement Policy is to ensure that any Board Member, individual or group representing the Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Taekwondo Union Inc.’s at the request of the Association is entitled to the following reimbursements ONLY when pre-approved by the Board of Directors. An expense request form must be submitted to the BOD, prior to any bookings unless otherwise specified in writing by the BOD.

All requests for expense reimbursement must be submitted NO LATER THAN 30 days after the expenditure. Expenses submitted after 30 days WILL NOT be processed or passed. The official NLATU expense reimbursement form must be submitted to the Treasurer or his or her designate along with all original receipts for review and approval.

This policy applies to all forms of travel listed below.

Air Travel

  • Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors, individuals will be responsible for booking their own airline tickets and submit them for reimbursement.
  • To keep costs to a minimum, flight requests should be made 21 days in advance of an event. Acceptable air travel fare booking will be no greater than the Air Canada Tango Plus category or equivalent no matter which airline is used.
  • Business class travel will not be reimbursed except when the individual is willing to pay the difference in fare of a Tango Plus fare or equivalent.

Public Transit

  • BOD Members are encouraged to take public transit when possible when travelling on Association business within cities with an adequate public transit infrastructure. The cost of bus or subway tickets or subway tokens will be reimbursed based on submission of information about the location of the meeting on the expense report. No receipts are required.


  • The preferred option when travelling out of town or within a location where public transit is not available or where the cost of public transit exceeds the cost of the rental.
  • The standard for a rental vehicle is economy size. Rental vehicles beyond this standard shall be authorized based upon factors such as but not limited to: safety, needs of the traveler and the bulk or weight of goods being transported.
  • Multiple individuals travelling together from the same community to the same destination shall travel in the same rental vehicle rather than renting separate vehicles unless circumstances require them to arrive or depart at different times.
  • The rental company’s insurance package must be purchased.

Personal Vehicle Use

  •  For trips more than 10 kilometres per day, personal vehicle use will be reimbursed on the basis of $0.45 per kilometre.
  • For trips exceeding 500km, original gas receipts for travel must be submitted.

Parking Charges

  • Parking lot fees will be reimbursed on the basis of receipts for the charges. Parking meter charges will be reimbursed to a maximum of $50 per day. No receipts are required for parking meter charges.


  • Charges for taxis taken for NLATU business will be reimbursed based on submission of receipts.


  • BOD travel for NLATU business will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $175 for Canadian hotels.
  • Accommodation should normally be booked at the hotel where the event is being held. If alternative accommodation is desired, the maximum reimbursement will be equal to the rate that would have been charged by the event hotel at the event rate.
  • When possible individuals must share accommodation when paid for by the association. Anyone wishing to have single accommodations must pay in advance or at the time of the booking and may claim 50% of the room rate and taxes only for reimbursement.
  • Anyone choosing to extend a stay at a destination required to visit for business purposes, the Association will reimburse only the costs associated with the business portion of the trip. Additional room nights would be a personal expense, however, travel to and from the destination would be a business expense since the travel cost is not affected by extending the stay as long as arrangements were made in advance of travel. Any flight changes after the original travel arrangements are made will be at the expense of the individual and must be paid in advance or at the time of the booking.
  • The NLATU does not object to family members travelling with BOD members or volunteers; however, all related expenses will be the individual responsibility of the family member.
  • Unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors, individuals will be responsible for booking their own airline tickets and submit them for reimbursement.


  • For individual travel, the following guidelines must be followed for reimbursement of expenditures on meals:
    Breakfast – maximum of $15.00
    Lunch – maximum of $25.00
    Dinner – maximum of $35.00
    Incidentals – Maximum $10.00
  • The daily maximum for reimbursement on a daily basis is $85.00. If the cost of one meal (i.e., breakfast) is over the daily minimum limit, it can be offset by lunch or dinner being less than the daily maximum. Receipts are required for all meal reimbursement.


  • The maximum reimbursement listed above is not intended to cover expenses associated with alcohol. If an individual chooses to consume alcohol, it will not be reimbursed.

Other Expenses

  • It is acknowledged that situations may arise that result in additional costs being occurred. Not withstanding the specifics of the foregoing, request for any additional reimbursements must be presented to the BOD in writing and subject to approval.


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