About the NLATU

Fight School has specialized in martial arts since 1986 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation.

Through the efforts of 8 Taekwondo schools the new organization was forged as a modern, up-to-date, sport-centered replacement for the previous Association. Volunteer driven, the Union was created to represent and manage the sport of Taekwondo in the province, with an eye to developing and supporting athletes that were able to compete on a National, and even International level. As the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for Taekwondo in Newfoundland Labrador, the NLATU is the direct link to the National Sport Organization (NSO), Taekwondo Canada, and the many programs and benefits that come from that membership. National and International rulesets, Coach training through the National Coaching Certification Program, National Referee Training and International Recognition through the Kukkiwon are all important benefits handled through this sport relationship.

These affiliations aside Provincially is where the NLATU excels. The Union provides structure and guidelines to Taekwondo events in the province, making sporting events fair and equitable. The Union’s volunteers provide support to run events, organize and run Provincial Championships, mount referee clinics, as well as facilitate coach development and athlete training camps. Union financial support has helped subsidize the costs of athlete travel and training. Financial support from the Union has send Provincial coaches and referees across Canada to acquire advanced training, which has come home to build the knowledge-base available here. This has contributed directly to NL athletes wining medals at National Games, and also at events against their peers in other Provinces.

As part of its forward thinking approach, the NLATU has invested in acquiring the technology and infrastructure to run its events at the same level as National calibre tournaments. Modern Taekwondo is scored through electronic systems – in bodypads, helmets, and tablets – that require laptops to operate. Over the last 4 years the NLATU has acquired the largest per capita collection of these systems in Canada. Right now any Taekwondo school in the Province can borrow these systems, to train and learn on. Every tournament run in the Newfoundland Labrador currently is run with some of the best equipment available anywhere in the world – right down to the mats to stand on!

As an organization we welcome questions – which can be directed here [insert email]; and if you want to try Taekwondo go here [insert hyperlink] and track one down close to you!

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